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  • Scan Documents Online and Upload as Images

    Looking for a web-based document scanning toolkit for your users to do online document scanning and uploading easily to your website? Scan Documents on Desktop You may try this web application to access scanners from within a browser: Scan Your Documents Online Browser-based scanning SDK for software developers The web page above...

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  • Free Online Document Scanners

    How to Scan Online from a Document Scanner On a desktop, open the online scanning page of Dynamic Web TWAIN in a browser. Access Your Scanners From a Browser You will be prompted to download the Dynamic Web TWAIN package. Install the package after downloading. Select your scanner from the...

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  • How to Upload Scanned Images to Amazon S3 Using Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK

    In this tutorial, I’d like to share how to upload images, captured with Dynamic Web TWAIN(DWT), to Amazon S3. The adopted techniques include Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK, Amazon S3 REST API, JavaScript and PHP. You need to get familiar with DWT SDK and the Amazon S3 stuff (e.g., Bucket, Access Key, Secret...

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