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License initialization

Get a trial key

  • A 7-day public trial key is available for every new device for first use of Dynamsoft Camera Enhancer.
  • If your free key is expired, please visit Private Trial License Page to get a 30-day trial extension.

Get a full license

Set up the license

Once you have a license, you can use following code to set up your license:

For Android users:

Android sample


    mCamera.initLicense("", new DCELicenseVerificationListener() {
        public void DCELicenseVerificationCallback(boolean b, Exception e) {
            if(!b && e != null){


    mCameraEnhancer!!.initLicense("") { isSuccess, error ->
        if (!isSuccess) {

For iOS users:

Objective-C sample

    [DynamsoftCameraEnhancer initLicense:@"DCE2eyJvcmdhbml6YXRpb25JRCI6IjIwMDAwMSIsInByb2R1Y3RzIjoyfQ==" verificationDelegate:self];

    - (void)DCELicenseVerificationCallback:(bool)isSuccess error:(NSError *)error{
        NSLog(@"Verification: %@",error.userInfo);

Swift sample


    func DCELicenseVerificationCallback(_ isSuccess: Bool, error: Error?) {
        print("Verification: \(String(describing: error))")

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