Better Manage Your Documents with TWAIN

Simplify your document scanning and editing process_

With the development of digital devices (scanners, webcams) and information delivering and sharing online, more users choose to manage and store documents online, such as legal papers, contracts and IDs. This perfectly solves the problems of traditional paper management:

  • Waste of papers;
  • Waste of time in delivery;
  • Difficult to share the information with your coworkers and customers;
  • Difficult to keep the papers. Consequent you may miss the important information one day

When businesses inclined to handle images and documents digitally, the TWAIN working group worked out TWAIN to regulate communication between software applications and imaging devices such as scanners and digital cameras. Since 1992, the protocol has been constantly improved by the organization and is famous among scanners and document processing applications.

TWAIN technology diagram

TWAIN’s already been a very sophisticated protocol and provides a rich set of application programming interfaces. You can take advantage of them to acquire/capture images from any TWAIN compliant devices to your system.

Scanning Customization

TWAIN allows you to fully customize the whole scanning process. You can decide whether to show the user interface of the source and let users adjust the image values by themselves.

Some systems may require standard images with the same resolution, page size and color (for instance Gray). With TWAIN, you are allowed to hide the user interface to prevent end users from modifying the image properties, and then hardcode by calling the TWAIN capabilities to unify the image properties.

Document Adjustment

TWAIN provides numerous interfaces to help adjust the images.

  • Rotate, mirror and deskew the scanned images (automatically).
  • Discard blank images. Users also insert blank pages or ones containing barcode information to separate different batches of papers. You can use TWAIN to detect these special pages before uploading them to different categories on your system.
  • Define the image layout if only a part of the image needs to be scanned.

In addition, you can easily deal with the image noises, image review and so on within lines of source code.

Dynamic Web TWAIN – A Document Processing Solution

A TWAIN component can capture images from any TWAIN compliant devices. The component can be an ActiveX control that can be embedded into your desktop scanning solution or a web application planned to be run in IE.

According to the report, the marketing share of Chrome is constantly increasing. Your customers may want to do all document processing tasks (scanning & editing & saving & uploading) in Chrome, as well as Firefox, Safari, etc. That’s also achievable.

Dynamic Web TWAIN is such a TWAIN SDK specially optimized for web applications. With it, you can scan, edit and upload images within your favorite browser.

If you are interested in this, you can check out Dynamic Web TWAIN for detailed information.