Dynamic Web TWAIN 7.0 Released!

Mar 06, 2012

I am glad to announce that Dynamic Web TWAIN 7.0 is released today.

In the major upgrade, we added support for simple text annotation, FTP & HTTP direct transfer and improved the image decoder of ActiveX x86. More image processing methods and properties are also included.

Here are some highlights of what’s new in the new release:

  • Added support for adding text to the image.

  • Added FTPUploadDirectly, HTTPUploadThroughPostDirectly and HTTPUploadThroughPutDirectly methods to upload all types of local files without encoding/decoding.

  • Added HTTPDownloadDirectly and FTPDownloadDirectlymethod to download files to local disk without encoding/decoding.

More details on what’s new in Dynamic Web TWAIN 7

I appreciate all the feedbacks and support from our customers, and also many thanks for our teams’ effort to keep improving the product.

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