Dynamic Web TWAIN 8.0.1 Released!

Sep 04, 2012

I’m glad to announce that a minor update of Dynamic Web TWAIN library  is released.

Dynamic Web TWAIN is a software development kit for document scanning, image editing and uploading. Highlights in v8.0.1 of the web-based scanning TWAIN SDK:

  • Added OnSourceUIClose() event: triggered when the user interface of the source is closed.
  • Added OnBitmapChanged() event: triggered when the bitmap of image buffer is changed, such as new image scanned, image deleted or image edited etc.
  • Improved the performance of detecting blank images (using the IsBlankImage()/IsBlankImageEx() method).
  • Improved LoadDibFromClipboard() method. You can now load images in clipboard of Windows Vista or above into Dynamic Web TWAIN.

Check out the release notes Download 30-day free trial of Dynamic Web TWAIN 8.0.1 Try scanning in browsers using Dynamic Web TWAIN

Thanks for the feedback from our customers.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the product, please let me know.

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