Dynamic Web TWAIN 8.0 is on the way!

Jul 10, 2012

I’m pleased to announce that a major upgrade of Dynamic Web TWAIN – the browser-based scanner programming library for Web App – is on the way.

In the new version, 1D & 2D Barcode Reader and OCR Add-ons will be added. They have already been included in our Dynamic .NET TWAIN, the scanner and webcam programming .NET component / API for Desktop App.  Many of our customers of Dynamic Web TWAIN want to implement the features in their Web App as well.  So we are going to do it in v8.0.

With barcode reader, you’ll be able to detect and decode the barcodes in your scanned images. Dozens of different barcode types and sub-types are supported. Check out more about Dynamsoft Barcode Reader

The OCR add-on allows you to recognize the characters in your documents and convert them to searchable PDF/text.  It supports more than 40 languages, including Asian and Arabic. Also, it features Multi-thread processing to speed up the text recognition. Learn more about Dynamsoft OCR SDK

More details on the new features of V8.0.

You can try out the new features with the online demo of barcode reading and OCR. Pre-order is available with special discounts.

We plan to release the new version on July 17th.  Stay tuned.

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