Dynamsoft TFS Hosted Adding Urban Turtle Add-on

Dynamsoft TFS supports Urban Turtle

A few customers have inquired about whether our TFS Hosting service provides Urban Turtle – an  Agile/Scrum management tool, which is specially designed and built for TFS. I thought it would be advantageous to be able to manage projects in an agile way. Thereupon, after weeks of negotiation with Pyxis Technologies – the developer of Urban Turtle, I hereby proudly announce that Dynamsoft TFS Hosted is adding Urban Turtle Add-on!

Following the launch of Build Server and Managed TFS Hosting solution, we have built a partnership with Pyxis Technologies and enabled Urban Turtle for the hosting service. (Check our feature list)

Urban Turtle is a powerful add-on that provides efficient methods and functions to turns TFS agile. For instance, it provides filter function and drag-and-drop feature to sort out backlogs; intuitive graphic UI to view and manage work items; live interaction statistics for an adequate work assignment balance; task board to monitor the task status within a glance, and etc.

With the adding of Urban Turtle add-on, I believe we can bring our TFS Hosting service to a higher attitude.

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