How does Android 4.4 KitKat Impress Me

Android 4.4 KitKat has been out for a couple of days now. Google has brought us some excellent few features. And, I can see the smokeless war between Google and Apple heating up. It is no doubt that competition makes for a better product experience. I would like to share some of Android 4.4’s exciting features , and make a comparison to Android’s biggest rival iOS 7.

Google Now vs Siri

How many users have dreamed about using a touch-less control for their phones? Now you just need to say “OK Google” to run Google Now. Without your hand, you can search your contacts, make a phone call, send SMS, check the weather, and so on. In the meantime, iOS Siri still needs to be triggered by holding down the home button. I still remember there was an ad showing how Siri assists people while they are driving. How can we manipulate our phones if we have to focus on the steering wheel?  Finally, Google has really allowed us to free-up our hands.

Hangouts vs iMessage

iMessage is definitely the killer of traditional SMS services, but it is only accessible to Apple users. Now, the new Hangouts app has brought this feature to Android users, and even made it better. Not only SMS and MMS are supported, but also locations and animated GIFs.

CloudPrint vs AirPrint

Android users do not need to be jealous of iOS users any more. Android 4.4 allows users to print web pages, photos and documents to any printer that’s connected to Google CloudPrint. This service is the same as AirPrint. Congratulations to all Android users.

Quickoffice vs iWork

Quickoffice has been redesigned by Google, and is totally free now. It is compatible with Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. What’s more, you can save your work to Google Drive which provides up to 15G of storage for free. How generous Google is comparing to Apple. As we know, Apple announced iWork for free recently, but it is still only for those who purchased the latest iOS devices.

Nexus 5 vs iPhone 5S

Google has said that Android 4.4 will run on handsets with just 512MB of RAM. This is absolutely a breakthrough, because the current Android market seems to be much like a hardware race. Some big companies always put their focus on flagship devices as a sales strategy, not the software user experience. In contrast to iOS, Apple is still limiting its hardware, including RAM, battery volume, camera resolution and CPU frequency. Apparently, Google wants to change this situation. The new system has been optimized a lot, and can even run on old devices. With such a system, the performance of Nexus 5 is much better than any of the previous Nexus devices. With its low price, the Nexus 5  could be the biggest iPhone 5S challenger to date.

In additional to these features compared above, we can explore more unique features like screen recording, support for IR blasters, immersive experience, smart caller ID and so forth. If you are an Android fan, do not hesitate to get the best Android experience right now.

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