New Article on CodeProject: How to make ActiveX work with IE Protected Mode?

Since Internet Explorer 7 on Windows Vista was released, Protected Mode has been introduced as a new security feature. When running in Protected Mode, Internet Explorer is a low integrity process and has limited permissions to access the user system.

When running Dynamic Web TWAIN, the scanner browser plugin for web application,  on Windows Vista and above, IE Protected Mode is on by default so users consistently get issues like the following:

  • ActiveX failed to access the scanners connected to the user machine
  • IE crashed when ActiveX tries to acquire images from scanner due to insufficient permission

With Dynamic Web TWAIN v9.0, you can now use an independent broker process to communicate with the scanners for better compatibility and robustness.

  • Avoid browser crashes caused by scanner driver problems, thus improving the robustness of the web application. The independent process will not affect the browser process.
  • The independent process used for scanning has a higher permission level than the browser process. This can solve the scanning issues, such as browsers not accessing the scanner source successfully, caused by the increased security features of Windows/IE.

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