SourceAnywhere 2.3.1 Released!

Jul 12, 2010

I’m pleased to announce that both SourceAnywhere Standalone 2.3.1 and SourceAnywhere Hosted 2.3.1 are released today. :-)

SourceAnywhere Standalone is a SQL-based source code control software designed to be a replacement of Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS). It is for developers who are ready to migrate away from VSS source control for performance, security, scalability, and reliability.

During the past months, we received quite a few feedbacks regarding our VSS Import Tool. Knowing how important the history of source code in VSS and easy migration to SourceAnywhere means to our customers, we decided to improve the VSS Import Tool to better serve our users.


After several weeks’ effort, we finally worked out an internal version which impresses one user, “I’m very pleased by great acceleration of importing (from 10 days to 8 hours)” WOW, Great Job! Thanks to our customers and team members.


I’m listing the main improvements of VSS Import Tool here (click here to learn more):

  • Greatly improved the performance by introducing multi-threading technology.
  • Enabled users work normally while import is in the process. Users are able to access/edit the data once the latest versions of files/projects have been imported.
  • Added support of importing the data from the error point if the process fails.
  • Optimized the import of Label.
  • Optimized the project selection. Refreshing the projects is much faster now.


In addition, MSSCCI Plug-in boosts the performance by up to 30%~50%. According to the data provided by our test team, it now takes less than 20 sec to open a large project from source control through uniPaaS, compared to 1~2 minutes in version 2.3 (build 30656 of hosted edition).


Considering you may be interested in experiencing these exciting improvements by yourselves, I put the download links here:

SourceAnywhere Hosted: Signup SourceAnywhere Standalone: Download, Upgrade

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