SourceAnywhere 4.4 is Released!

I’m pleased to announce that Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere 4.4 is released on July 9th, 2013. This is a SQL server-based version control software designed as a VSS replacement.

Based on all our customers’ valuable feedback on SourceAnywhere Standalone 4.3, we have made some further improvements in this new version.

Highlights in SourceAnywhere 4.4:

  • Improved the performance of LAN file transfer for the “Get” and “Check out” operations
  • Optional warnings available at Tools -> Options. You can choose to display a warning message when
    • Check out an already checked out file
    • Exit SourceAnywhere Client when there are checked out items
    • Delete/Purge a file or project
  • More options in the “Add Files” dialog
    • You can “Check out Immediately” the added files
    • You can “Remove local copy” of the added files
  • Do Diff when checking in a file or project


Check out the Release Notes » Download the 30-day free trial » How to upgrade to the latest version? »

If you have any questions or comments regarding the new release, please feel free to let me know (


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