SourceAnywhere for VSS 6.0 Released!

Sep 13, 2010

Good news for SourceAnywhere for VSS users. Version 6.0 is available today!

Users of SourceAnywhere for VSS would be very excited to find the interface changes made in version 6.0. In previous versions, our developers paid more attention to the functions/features of the product, expecting SourceAnywhere for VSS to be the fastest SourceSafe web access add-on tool. After many years’ efforts, I must say SourceAnywhere for VSS has become stable and mature. We received much positive feedback from our customers saying that they are very impressed with the robust features of the software.

In this background, when we decided to develop version 6.0, we focused more on making it “user friendly”. From the customizable skin type, menu bar & toolbars, dockable windows, working folder with “hyperlink”, to the improved error/warning messages, we want to make sure that SourceAnywhere for VSS a powerful yet easy to use tool.

I cannot wait to share one of the skin styles here: SourceAnywhere for VSS In addition to the optimized user interface, many features are also added or improved in version 6.0: integration with Dreamweaver CS 5, improved “showing differences” feature on projects, support for sharing historical version of project and moving items in IDE clients etc. Upon our customers’ request, source control operations (Check In, Undo Check Out and Get Latest Version) on multi-files from different directories are also available in the Search Result dialog. To learn more about what’s new in version 6.0, please click here.

Here is the download link of SourceAnywhere for VSS 6.0 Trial:

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