How to use the SVNBridge to get TortoiseSVN working with SourceAnywhere

It’s so exciting that SVNBridge is available for SourceAnywhere now. The project allows you to access SourceAnywhere database from TortoiseSVN (a Subversion client). Users will benefit from combining these two products to enjoy nice features from both SourceAnywhere and SVN.

  • Enjoy the robust management provided by SourceAnywhere Server, such as enhanced security, user and database management.
  • If you’ve used SVN, it’s not necessary for you to abandon SVN in order to get the above benefits. It’s flexible for you to choose TortoiseSVN or SourceAnywhere as a client.
  • Wider IDE integration. Integration with XCode, Dreamweaver on Mac and more will be supported. (I will blog the integrations later.)

In this article, I’ll share with you how to integrate SVNBridge with SourceAnywhere.

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