Using webcam with C# web applications

Control web cameras from browsers with Dynamic Webcam API

Introduction to the Webcam Library

Dynamic Webcam SDK is a browser plugin which enables users to acquire images from a webcam, edit and then upload/save them to a database, web server or local disk. Also, it can capture a live video stream into a container and grab a snapshot to be exported to a file/binary. With the webcam API, software developers can integrate image capture, processing and webcam control into browsers.

The plugin works with all webcams that are compatible with Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) and USB video device class (UVC).

It can be developed as a browser-based webcam plug-in or with ActiveX®. Two editions are provided for different browsers: ActiveX Edition for IE and Plugin Edition for other browsers on Windows OS.

 Key Features

  • Capture images & live video streams from UVC compatible webcams.
  • Edit scanned images: rotate, crop, zoom, and etc.
  • Support both GUI and non-GUI image editing.
  • Supports basic image editing features including Rotate, Crop, Mirror, Flip and Erase, etc.
  • Supports Zoom In/Zoom Out.
  • Built-in JPEG, PNG, PDF and TIFF encoders enable you to compress the acquired images.
  • Save/Upload images to your local folders, FTP Sites, Web Servers, databases etc.
  • Image format supported: BMP, JPEG, PNG, (Multi-page) TIFF and (Multi-page) PDF files.
  • Download/Upload image(s) through HTTP/HTTPS or FTP/FTPS.
  • Support SSL for FTP/HTTP uploading/downloading.

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