Tour in Boracay Island

For the last week, I had been having a great vacation on Boracay Island. Boracay Island is a small island in the Philippines, which is renowned for its white sand beaches. It’s one of the world’s top destinations for relaxation. It is unfortunate that the whole country just suffered from typhoon Haiyan. Some places are still a mess, and the local people have to use electric generators to maintain their lives. Some tourists might worry about whether it is safe in the Philippines. My answer is yes. It is still worth travelling. I would like to show what I witnessed in Boracay Island.

It was a long journey. Heading for Boracay Island, I had to use different means of transportation:

  1. Take flight to Kalibo airport
  2. Take a shuttle bus from the airport to the dock
  3. Take a boat to reach Boracay Island
  4. Take a taxi to the hotel

I was surprised when I saw such blue sky and clear water. It’s so beautiful.


The Hotel I stayed in is called “Fairways & Blue Water”.


In the morning, I could see someone playing golf on the very green lawn.


It’s great to enjoy the scenery while in the swimming pool.

swimming pool

Having breakfast with lovely animals, a big ant and cute cat.



Lots of tourists were taking photos on the white sandy beaches.


I took the crab boat to go fishing.

crab boat

Walking along the beaches, I often saw this kind of big coconut tree.


This massage service is awesome.


It was difficult to remember the long names of every dish. I tasted Mexican food, Thai food, Italian food, Chinese food & the Sea Food Buffet.



pork roll


The restaurant, named Epic, is a good place for enjoying the sunset.


It was time to say farewell to Boracay Island.


Finally, let’s pray for Philippines. Wish the whole country recovers from the disaster as soon as possible.

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