Why a Dedicated VM for Your TFS Hosting Service

More and more people incline to choose hosting services. It is convenient, secure, cost-effective, etc. Usually, a hosting company would provide two kinds of plans for their customers with different requirements: Shared Plan and Managed Plan. The primary difference between these plans is that the Managed plan provides users a dedicated virtual machine.

So why Managed Plan, in spite of that it costs more money? Take Dynamsoft’s TFS Hosting service for example, I’ll give 5 reasons:

TFS Plan

1. More Intense Monitoring

Besides the 247 network and security monitoring from the world-class primus data center, our administrator 247 monitors your server to ensure you get the maximum security and performance capability.

  • 24*7 track your hosting environment
  • Monitor your server, CUP/memory usages
  • Track and eliminate unexpected traffic increases

2. More secure and independent

Instead of sharing one SQL Server with other hosting users, you get your own instance of VM and SQL Server. By isolating your database from others, the dedicated VM environment decreases the impact from other hosting users to the minimum.

3. Flexible

Urban Turtle and Build Server are optional add-ons provided by Dynamsoft’s hosting services, both for the shared and managed plans. Besides these two add-ons, you are allowed to install additional software/add-ons onto your virtual machine. To keep a secure environment, remote access is disabled to avoid any malicious data.

In the meantime, based on the ongoing proactive server monitoring, Dynamsoft provides the maximum available memory in the most flexible way. Security and other software upgrades and patches can be applied according to your requirements.

4. More Resources

Considering teams with more than 5 members are more inclined to choose the Managed Plan, we design the plan to help customers focus on their own tasks, no worry about the performances and the resource related questions that might be caused by the expanding teams and the size-increasing projects under version control. You are allowed to expand the physical memory based on the 4G by default. The maximum storage capacity is also increasable to fully fulfill your requirements.

5. More support

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