Use Add-ons

In summary, the functionality of the Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK itself is mainly

  • Get images from a scanner or other source (such as local images, server-side images)
  • Display the captured image in the image viewer
  • Edit images in ways like rotating, cropping, deleting, etc.
  • Encode the image data into various image formats (PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP)
  • Save encoded images on the local disk or onto a remote server/database.

In many document management systems, in addition to the above functions, you may also need features like barcode recognition, text extraction, etc. In the light of this, Dynamsoft also offers the following extensions so that you can design more efficient and automated business processes:

PDF Rasterizer

Convert an existing text-based PDF file (that is, the text in the file is searchable) into an image. Because only then can this PDF file be displayed in the image viewer of the SDK.

Barcode Reader

Identify the barcode data directly from the image acquired from the scanner or local disk. The use of barcodes on documents can significantly improve the efficiency of document categorization or content extraction.

Dynamsoft Camera Capture

Display the video stream of a Webcam attached to the machine directly on the web page and capture still images from the stream.

Mobile Browser Capture

Perform document capture using the cameras from mobile devices.


Extract the text information from acquired images or convert the images to text or searchable PDF files.

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