How to distribute desktop applications


During your evaluation of Dynamic Barcode Reader SDK, you will need to have a trial license.

Once you are done evaluation and developing, this trial license must be replaced with a run-time license so that your users/customers are able to use the product.

Replacing the License

  1. Replace the trial license with your valid run-time license. For more info on how to change the license, please refer to this KB article.
  2. If you are using C/C++, make sure you put DynamsoftLicClientx86.dll/DynamsoftLicClientx64.dll to the folder where DynamsoftBarcodeReaderx86.dll/DynamsoftBarcodeReaderx64.dll resides.
  3. Rebuild your project.
  4. Distribute the product with the related DBR DLLs.

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