How to set a runtime license for the mobile edition

Obtain a runtime license

Once you finish your development or testing with the free trial version of the Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK for Android/iOS App, you can purchase a runtime license for your mobile app via our online store or send your purchase order to If you want to receive a quote, please submit a request via this page.

Set a runtime license

Once you obtain a runtime license, you can find your license information in the customer portal. Please follow the steps below to use the runtime license:

  1. Activate a runtime license

    Please click on the “Activate Now” link to start activating a selected runtime license key.

    It brings you to the following page. Just click on the “Activate” button to activate the license key.

    Now you can see the Status, Quota and Expiration Date of the activated license key.

    You can repeat the above steps to activate other license keys.

  2. Set a runtime license key in your program

    Please refer to the following code example to set the activated license key(s) in your mobile program via the initLicenseFromServer API.


     self.barcodeReader = [[DynamsoftBarcodeReader alloc] initWithLicenseFromServer:@"" licenseKey:@"licenseKey1;licenseKey2" error:nil];


     reader.initLicenseFromServer("", "licenseKey1;licenseKey2");


    • The URL is the Dynamsoft license server. Please do not change the address.

    • If you need to use multiple runtime license keys to support different barcode formats (e.g., 1D and QR) in the same mobile application, please separate the license keys by a semicolon (;).

    • The license verification process on the end user device is just a one-time process. Once a device is registered, the registration file for this specific device will be automatically returned and stored in the device. After that, the registered device is allowed to scan barcodes without a network connection, until the expiration date of the runtime license key.

    • With the runtime license, you can continue your development/testing work on your dev or test machines. Please note that in this case, your dev or test machine will also be counted as a consumed device and registered on the server.

    • If you need to increase the quota of your existing runtime license key, please contact

  3. Remove the free trial license

When you test with our 30-day free trial SDK, a trial license key is set in the program via the following APIs:


    BarcodeReader *br;
    br = [[BarcodeReader alloc] initWithLicense:@"t0068NQAAAI8*******"];


    BarcodeReader mBarcodeReader;
    mBarcodeReader = new BarcodeReader();

Now that you’ve already purchase a full version license, please remove (or comment out) the code after you get the runtime license set correctly.


  • No other code change nor re-installation is required to upgrade from the free trial version to the purchased version.

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