How to use a trial license key?

  1. Get license key(s)

    For paid customers, you should get an email with the full license. If not, please contact sales[at]

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    For trial users, you can get a trial license at the installation directory or MyTrialLicenses site.

    • For Windows Edition, the licenses can be found at /{INSTALLATION FOLDER}/LicenseManager.exe.

    • For JavaScript Edition, the license key can be found in the /{INSTALLATION FOLDER}/DBRResources/dynamsoft.barcodereader.config.js.

    • For other editions such as Mac Edition, Linux Edition and Mobile Edition, please click here to request for a license extension.

    NOTE: If the trial license expires or the license is missing, you can still get the barcode reading results but some part of the content will be replaced with "*".

  2. Change Source Code

    License the SDK through source code. If you have more than one license, please separate them via ';'

     // C
     DBR_InitLicense(hBarcode, "t0068NQAAAI8+mMcYRNwmijAzExhq******");
     // C++
     CBarcodeReader reader;
     // C#
     BarcodeReader reader = new BarcodeReader();
     reader.ProductKeys = "t0068NQAAAI8+mMcYRNwmijAzExhq******;t0068NQAAAIeI8yyQAGUkz******";
     ' VB.NET
     Dim reader As BarcodeReader = New Dynamsoft.Barcode.BarcodeReader()
     reader.ProductKeys = "t0068NQAAAI8+mMcYRNwmijAzExhq******;t0068NQAAAIeI8yyQAGUkz******"
     // PHP
     $br = new BarcodeReader();
     //iOS SDK:
     BarcodeReader *br;
     br = [[BarcodeReader alloc] initWithLicense:@"t0068NQAAAI8+mMcYRNwmijAzExhq******;t0068NQAAAIeI8yyQAGUkz******"];
     //Android SDK
     BarcodeReader mBarcodeReader;
     mBarcodeReader = new BarcodeReader("t0068NQAAAI8+mMcYRNwmijAzExhq******;t0068NQAAAIeI8yyQAGUkz******");
     //JavaScript SDK
     // In the dynamsoft.barcodereader.js file
     BarcodeReader.licenseKey = 't0068NQAAAI8+mMcYRNwmijAzExhq******;t0068NQAAAIeI8yyQAGUkz******';
  3. Save and rebuild your application.

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