How to use license key?

  1. Get license key(s)

    For paid customers, you should get an email with the full license and the download link of the full version installer. If not, please contact sales[at]

    For trial users, you can get the trial licenses at the installation directory or MyTrialLicenses site.

    • For Windows Edition, the licenses can be found at /{INSTALLATION FOLDER}/LicenseManager.exe.

    • For JavaScript Edition, the license key can be found in the /{INSTALLATION FOLDER}/DBRResources/dynamsoft.barcodereader.config.js.

    • For Mac Edition, the licenses can be found at /{INSTALLATION FOLDER}/BarcodeReaderTrialLic.txt.

    • For Linux and Mobile Edition, please contact us at support[at] for a license extension.

    NOTE: If the trial license expires or the license is missing, you can still get the barcode reading results but some part of the content will be replaced with "*".

  2. Change Source Code

    License the SDK through source code. If you have more than one license, please separate them via ';'

     // C
     DBR_InitLicense(hBarcode, "t0068NQAAAI8+mMcYRNwmijAzExhq******");
     // C++
     CBarcodeReader reader;
    // C#
     BarcodeReader reader = new BarcodeReader();
     reader.LicenseKeys = "t0068NQAAAI8+mMcYRNwmijAzExhq******;t0068NQAAAIeI8yyQAGUkz******";
     ' VB.NET
     Dim reader As BarcodeReader = New Dynamsoft.Barcode.BarcodeReader()
     reader.LicenseKeys = "t0068NQAAAI8+mMcYRNwmijAzExhq******;t0068NQAAAIeI8yyQAGUkz******"
     // PHP
     $br = new BarcodeReader();
     //iOS SDK:
     BarcodeReader *br;
     br = [[BarcodeReader alloc] initWithLicense:@"t0068NQAAAI8+mMcYRNwmijAzExhq******"];
     //Android SDK
     BarcodeReader mBarcodeReader;
     mBarcodeReader = new BarcodeReader("t0068NQAAAI8+mMcYRNwmijAzExhq******");
     //JavaScript SDK
     // In the dynamsoft.barcodereader.js file
     dynamsoft.dbrEnv.productKey= 't0068NQ******';
  3. Save and rebuild your application.

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