Use a trial key

To use a trial license, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Get a trial license key.

    If you installed Dynamsoft Barcode Reader 30-day free trial, it comes with a 30-day trial license by default.

    For Windows Edition, you can find the license key in the License Manager program at /{INSTALLATION FOLDER}/LicenseManager.exe.

    Note: If the trial license expires or it is missing, you can still get barcode reading results but partial of the result will be masked with "".* You may log in the customer portal and request for a trial extension online.

  2. Update the license key in source code.

    You can use initLicense() or ProductKeys to set the license.

Code snippet in c:

void *hBarcode = NULL;
hBarcode = DBR_CreateInstance();
DBR_InitLicense(hBarcode, "t0068NQAAAI8+mMcYRNwmijAzExhq******");

Code snippet in cpp:

CBarcodeReader reader = new CBarcodeReader();

Code snippet in csharp:

BarcodeReader reader = new BarcodeReader();
reader.ProductKeys = "t0068NQAAAI8+mMcYRNwmijAzExhq******";

Code snippet in vbnet:

Dim reader As BarcodeReader = New Dynamsoft.Barcode.BarcodeReader()
reader.ProductKeys = "t0068NQAAAI8+mMcYRNwmijAzExhq******"

Code snippet in java:

BarcodeReader mBarcodeReader;
mBarcodeReader = new BarcodeReader("t0068NQAAAI8+mMcYRNwmijAzExhq******");

Code snippet in php:

$br = new BarcodeReader();

Code snippet in py:

def initLicense(license):

  1. Save and rebuild your application.

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