Sets the expected number of barcodes to read for each image (or each region of the image if you specified barcode regions).







Default Value



0: means Unknown and it will try to find at least one barcode.

1: tries to find one barcode. If one barcode is found, the library will stop the localization process and perform barcode decoding.

n: tries to find n barcodes. If the library only finds m (m < n) barcode, it will try different algorithms until n barcodes are found or all algorithms are used.

The value of ExpectedBarcodesCount must be less than or equal to the value of MaxBarcodesCount.

To ensure the best performance, the value of AntiDamageLevel is suggested to be set to 9 if the ExpectedBarcodesCount is set to 0 or 1; otherwise, the value of AntiDamageLevel is suggested to be set to 7.

When AntiDamageLevel is larger than 7, the bigger ExpectedBarcodesCount you set, the more localization algorithms will be used which leads to a higher accuracy with slower performance.


    "ExpectedBarcodesCount": 5

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