Parameter Description
Name The name of the ImageParameter object, which is also the template name.
Description The description of the ImageParameter object.
AntiDamageLevel The degree of anti-damage of the barcode.
BarcodeFormatIds Sets which types of barcode to be read. Barcode types can be combined as an array. For example, if you want to choose Code_39 and Code_93, you can set it to ["CODE_39", "CODE_93"].
BarcodeInvertMode The ink colour for barcodes search.
BinarizationBlockSize Sets the block size for the process of binarization.
ColourImageConvertMode Sets whether to convert colour images to grayscale which is used in region pre-detection.
DeblurLevel The degree of blurriness of the barcode. The higher value you set, the much more effort the library will take to decode images, but it may also slow down the recognition process.
EnableFillBinaryVacancy For barcodes with a large module size there might be a vacant area in the position detection pattern after binarization which may result in a decoding failure. Setting this to true will fill in the vacant area with black and may help to decode it successfully.
ExpectedBarcodesCount The expected number of barcodes to read for each image (or each region of the image if you specified barcode regions). The value of ExpectedBarcodesCount must be less than or equal to the value of MaxBarcodesCount.
GrayEqualizationSensitivity Sets the sensitivity used for gray equalization. The higher the value, the more likely gray equalization will be activated. Effective for images with low comparison between black and white colour. May cause adverse effect on images with high level of black and white colour comparison.
LocalizationAlgorithmPriority Sets the priority of localization algorithms.
MaxAlgorithmThreadCount Sets how many image processing algorithm threads will be used to decode barcodes.
MaxBarcodesCount Sets the maximum number of barcodes to read.
MaxDimOfFullImageAsBarcodeZone Sets the maximum dimension of full image as barcode zone.
Pages Sets specific pages or a range of pages of a file (.tiff or .pdf) for barcodes search. It is 0-based.
PDFRasterDPI Sets the output image resolution. When you are trying to decode a PDF file using DecodeFile method, the library will convert the pdf file to image(s) first, then perform barcode recognition.
RegionDefinitionNameArray Sets an array of regions with detailed settings for barcodes search.
RegionPredetectionMode Sets the region pre-detection mode for barcodes search.
ScaleDownThreshold Sets the threshold value of the image shrinking. If the shorter edge size is larger than the given value, the library will calculate the required height and width of the barcode image and shrink the image to that size before localization. Otherwise, it will perform barcode localization on the original image.
TextFilterMode Sets the text filter mode for barcodes search.
TextureDetectionSensitivity Sets the sensitivity for texture detection. The higher value you set, the more efforts it will take to detect texture.
Timeout Sets the maximum amount of time (in milliseconds) it should spend searching for a barcode per page. It does not include the time taken to load/decode an image (Tiff, PNG, etc) from disk into memory.

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