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Service Relation Settings (Connecting to hosted server) Dialog Box

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Establishes or edits a service relation between the cache server and the hosted server.

In the Service Relation window, selecting Connecting to my cache server option and clicking Add or Edit button will bring up the Service Relation Settings dialog box:

Dialog Box Items

Cache server IP and port Panel

Cache server IP

Specifies the IP address of this cache server.

Cache server port

Specifies the port of this cache server.

Encryption type

Specifies the encryption type of this cache server, SSL or Unencrypted. If the encryption type is set to SSL, the data transfer between the client and this cache server will be secured with SSL encryption, and you need to generate the SSL root certificate in SSL Root Certificate section.

Cache server IP and port Panel


Specifies whether this cache server connects to SSL secure port of the hosted server. If this box is checked, the data transfer between this cache server and the hosted server will be secured with SSL encryption.

Network options Panel

Use Delta transfer for data transfer

If this option is checked, SourceAnywhere Hosted will use Delta Transfer technology to transfer data.

Connection Type

Specifies the connection type. Available options are Local Connection, Broad Band Connection and Narrow Band Connection. Proper selection of this option will speed up network operations.