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Add Files Command (File Menu)

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Command Remarks

Adds a file or folder to the selected Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted project. You can add a single file or multiple files at a time or add a folder recursively from the project level.

Access Rights

You must have the Add access right to use this command.

Dialog Box Items


Specifies the folder that contains the files you want to add.


Displays all files in the selected folder.

List files of type

Lists the file type, or tells Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted how to classify a file.

The list of file types available is determined by the File Types Included In File Group filter and the File Groups filter set on the File Types tab in the Tools -> Options->File Types Tab dialog box. All Files (*.*) lists all files in the current folder.


Cancels the Add Files command and closes the dialog box.


Displays the Add File Comment dialog box allowing you to add the selected files or folder to the selected project.

Note: Some files may be rejected by Server, such as a file with the same name as a file already exists in the project or the files excluded  by Server which are set in Server Manager.