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Branch Command (Source Menu)

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Command Remarks

Breaks the share link while retaining a copy of the file, or copies the selected history version of an item to a location you specify.

You can branch either a shared file or a history version of an item. When a file is branched, the branch history of the file is shown in the Paths tab in the Properties dialog box.

In Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted, branching a file does not increment the version number of the file.

Access Rights

You must have the Branch access right to both the source and destination project to use this command.

Dialog Box Items


Enter a comment for the branch.

Recursive (project-level only)

Branches the project recursively. When this option is enabled, all files and the sub-projects within the project will be branched.


Confirms the input and branches the file(s) or project.


Cancels the Branch command and closes the dialog box.