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Select Repository Command (File Menu)

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Command Remarks

Chooses a Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted repository to login.

When you use Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted, your files and projects are stored in a repository. This safely stores your information and provides important historical information and version tracking. In Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted, you can setup multiple repositories. However, files in different repositories can not be shared or branched.

Working with Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted Client, the first thing is to connect to Server and choose a repository. If you have been working with a repository and want to use another repository now, you can choose a repository from the available repositories in currently connected Server.

Access Rights

Any Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted user can use this command.

Dialog Box Items

Choose a repository

Select a repository to log in. This dialog box may be brought up by clicking Select Repositories button at the  Additional Tab of Login dialog box. It also appears if the default repository to log in has not been specified.


Confirms the selection.


Cancels selecting a default repository and closes the dialog box.