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Edit Command (Edit Menu)

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Command Remarks

Allows you to edit a file by opening a file editor and checking out the file if it is not already checked out. You should have a working folder set before using this command.

The application used to open a file is selected by one of the following means:

You can edit a file by double clicking the file. To make this the default behavior, you can select Edit in Tools -> Options ->General ->Double click on a file option.

Access Rights

You must have Check In/Check Out access right to use this command.

Dialog Box Items

If you have checked the file-level Edit And View check box  in Options->Command Dialogs tab, the Edit Or View dialog box is displayed when you perform  the Edit command.

View Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted's copy of this file (option for View command)

Gets this file copy to a temp folder and allows you to view it.

Check out this file and edit it in your working folder

Checks out this file to your working folder and allows you to edit it.

Use the system default application for this file type

Edits this file by using the system default application.

Use Application

Specifies an application for editing this file. If this text box is left blank, Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted will open files with their associated Windows application. This option is checked by default if you have specified an application for editing files in Tools -> Options -> External Programs tab ->Application for viewing and editing files.


Opens a file editor.


Cancels the View command and closes the dialog box.