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Label Command (File Menu)

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Command Remarks

Assigns a label to the specified version or current version of a file or project.

Projects and files may be identified with labels. Labels are usually more descriptive than version numbers and may be affixed at the project or file level. A label is associated with the labeled version of the item. For a project-level label,  it is also associated with the project structure at the time it was labeled. Labels are a convenient way to document a specific point in development time.

The label of  an item may be inherited from its ancestors or directly applied to itself. Labels applied to an item can be viewed in Show Labels dialog box.

In Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted, labeling an item does not increment the version number of the item.

Access Rights

You must have Label access right to use this command.

Dialog Box Items


Type a label name.


Enter a comment for the label.


Assigns the label.


Cancels the Label command and closes the dialog box.