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Login Command (File Menu)

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Command Remarks

Connects to Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted Server and logs in a selected repository.

In Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted, source control files and histories are stored in repositories in Microsoft SQL Server. Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted Server serves one SQL database and you can create any number of repositories in this database. Working with Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted Client, the first thing is to connect to Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted Server and choose a repository to log in.

Access Rights

Any Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted user can use this command.

Dialog Box Items

Login Info Panel

Profile Panel

Select the Profile to apply the pre-configured login information to the Login Info panel. Each Profile saves the information that is required for all the items within Login Info panel. You may create any Profile as needed with Profile Manager. Clicking Profile Manager button will bring up the Profile Manager dialog box.