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Merge Command (Source Menu)

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Command Remarks

Allows you to merge all the changes made in one branch of a file into another branch.

Merge branches command can be very useful in collaborative development. After a folder or file is branched for independent development in two development paths, you can use this command to merge changes made in the other development path with your own.

Before you perform the Merge command, make sure you have selected the file/folder that you want to merge changes from. The file/folder will remain unchanged.

Access Rights

You must have the Check Out access right to the folder being merged into, and the Read access right to the folder being merged from, to use this command.

Dialog Box Items

Source Branch

Specifies the source branch you want to merge changes from.

Target Branch

Selects the target branch to merge changes to in the drop-down list.


Click Next button, you will see the following dialog boxes.

Command Remarks

Please specify a version or a label to branch.

Version Type

Selects the source version you want to merge. You can choose Latest Version, Version, Label.


Cancels the Merge command and closes the dialog box.


Command Remarks


Merges changes which is made in the selected branch into the target one.


Command Remarks

Before checking in merge, please make sure no file is checked out or pinned in target branch. Otherwise, these files will be discard by merge.

Filter Results

Filter merge results in Conflict or All.

Check in Merge

Check in merge. Please resolve all conflicts before check-in.

Command Remarks


Resolve conflicts and merge file changes. For more info, please refer to How to resolve conflict.


Show file difference between local and server copy from target branch after resolving conflicts.


Show local file after resolving conflicts.

Remove from list

Remove selected item from the list.

Select All

Select all items on the list.

Unselect All

Unselect all items on the list.