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Properties Command (File Menu)

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Command Remarks

Shows the properties of a file or project containing the basic information about it, including the size, name, and type.

Access Rights

You must have the Property Change access right to change the type of a file.

You must have the Delete access right to recover a deleted item.

You must have the Purge access right to purge a deleted item.

File Properties Dialog Box Items

General Tab

Displays the general information of the files.

Check Out Status Tab

Displays the check out status of the file.

Links Tab

Lists all projects sharing the selected file. 

Paths Tab

Shows all branches of the selected file.

Project Properties Dialog Box Items

General Tab

Displays the project name, the cloak status of the project, the number of files and subprojects in the project, the number of deleted files and subprojects (if any), the version number and date of that version and project comments. 

Deleted Tab

Displays a list of items that have been removed from the current project.

Rights Tab

Displays the access rights that the current logged in user has to the selected project.