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Show Differences Command (Tools Menu)

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Compare Files

Compare Projects

Command Remarks

Compares two items and shows the differences if any.

This command may be performed at the file level and project level. You can use Show Differences command to compare a file/project to any of their own versions or others in a local or server path.

In Dynamsoft SAW Hosted, you can also perform a History Diff or Label Diff to compare two earlier versions of items to each other.

For file diff, Dynamsoft SAW Hosted visually displays the differences between two mergeable files but only can identify the differences between binary files.

Dynamsoft SAW Hosted may be configured with an external application for visual diff on files. This setting is in Tools->Options->External Programs tab. The default diff utility in Dynamsoft SAW Hosted is MergeHero.

For project diff, Dynamsoft SAW Hosted visually displays the differences in the Project Difference dialog box.

Access Rights

Any Dynamsoft SAW Hosted user can use this command.

Dialog Box Items

Source Path

Specifies the source item you want to compare. You can click the Browse button to navigate to the source path in Local Path or Server Path.

Source Version

Target Path

Specifies the target item to which you want to compare the source item.

Target Version

View Options (Available only for Folder Diff)


Opens the Visual Diff window to show the comparison result.


Cancels the Show Differences command and closes the dialog box.