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Web Deploy  Command (Tools Menu)

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Command Remarks

Allows you to deploy a web project and files in a web project.

When you have completed development and testing of your Web pages, the Web Deploy command copies your files to a specified location on the FTP server.

To enable this command for a specific project, your Dynamsoft SAW Hosted Administrator must designate this project as Web project and specify a deployment path in Web Projects box of the Server Manager. Once this is done, a visual clue will be provided to show which project(s) is deployable. You can deploy an entire project or files and subprojects under the project.

When enabled, only the changes made in the project will be deployed.

Access Rights

You must have Read access right to use this command.

Deploy Web Projects

Deploy Multiple Files

Dialog Box Items

If you have checked the project-level Deploy check box  in Options->Command Dialogs tab, the Deploy dialog box is displayed when you perform  the Web Deploy command.

Deploy To

Displays the path where the Web project will be deployed.


Deploys the selected web project.


Cancels the Web Deploy command and closes the dialog box.