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Branch (History Branch) Dialog Box

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Command Remarks

Copies an item from one location to another. You can branch either the latest version or a history version of an item. When an item is branched, the branch history of the item is shown in the Branches tab in the Properties dialog box.

Branching does NOT preserve the history of the files and folders that are branched. It allows the changes to a branch to be merged to another one. It creates a pending change.

Branching a folder will not cause the deleted sub-items to be branched.

Access Rights

You must have the Branch access right for both the source and target folder to use this command.

Dialog Box Items


Specifies the source item to be branched.

Branch from version by

It can be branched from the latest, specified or labelled version.


Specifies the target item to which the source item will be branched.


Allows you to navigate to a folder.


Allows you to enter a comment for the branch.


Confirms the input and branches the file or folder.


Cancels the Branch command and closes the dialog box.