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Label Promotion Dialog Box

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Changes the name and associations of a label.

Dialog Box Items




Adds files or subprojects to the label. The Add To Label dialog box will be displayed listing the files or subprojects that were added to the selected project in the repository after the label was applied.

This command is only available on projects.


Deletes the currently selected file or project from the label.  

This command is not available on the label root.

Change Version

Changes the labeled version of a file in the label's folders to another version in the file history. The Change File Version dialog box will be displayed listing all versions of the selected file except the version to which the label was originally applied.

This command is only available on files.


Closes the dialog box.



Gets the latest version of the label from the server, and updates the tree view and file list.


Displays the name of the project this label was applied to.

Label Name

Type a new label name. Clicking Revert will revert to its old name.

Project Tree (Left Pane)

Displays the project structure at the time when the label was applied or the current label structure if the label has been promoted. The project tree is rooted at the project to which the label was applied.

File List (Right Pane)

Displays all files in the selected project . The file list is divided into the following four columns: