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Project Properties Dialog Box (Branches Tab)

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Rights Tab

Shows all branches of the selected folders. This box will help you easily find the branched folders and modify them.

The root is the parent project, and the sub directory is the branch project. In above dialog for example, we have "$/ClassLibrary... 1->1". "$/ClassLibrary..." is the branch path, and "1->1" is the branch version. 

For example,

Branch path Branch version
|--$/A    1->5
   |--$/B    5->6
   |--$/C    3->3

This illustrates 3 branches of a file. The first branch has moved from version 1 to version 5. The second branch B has A as its parent, began its life at version 5 and was done an operation such as checked in once since then, moving it to version 6 currently. The third branch C also has A as its parent. It began its life at version 3 and has not changed since then.