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Shelve/Unshelve Pending Checkins

Command Remarks

When you are not ready to or cannot check in a set of checked out files, you may shelve these pending check-ins. Each shelve operation will create a shelveset. The changes in a shelveset can be restored into your working folders later.

Likewise, when you are ready to check in these files, you can restores these file versions from a shelveset to your working folders.

To shelve pending checkins

  1. In Pending Checkins Explorer, click Shelve Pending Checkins button on the toolbar.

  2. In the Shelve dialog box, enter a name for the shelveset in the Shelveset name edit box. In the Comment box, you can write some descriptions about the shelveset.

  3. Select the items you wish to shelve. Check the Preserve Pending Changes Locally checkbox if you want to preserve the pending change information locally. If this option is unchecked, after you shelve some pending checkins, system will automatically undo check out these files.

    To shelve the checked items successfully, you should make sure that they have local copies on your current machine.

    For example, suppose that file A and file B were checked out on another machine ("LOGAN1DYNAMSOFT"). In the current machine, if their copies don't exist on corresponding Local Path, these two files will not be shelved in the shelveset.
  4. Click Shelve.

To unshelve pending checkins

  1. In Pending Checkins Explorer, click Unshelve Pending Checkins.
  2. In the Unshelve dialog box, find the shelvesets created by a user.

  3. In the Results list, select the shelvesets you want to unshelve. You can click the Details button to view the details information of a shelveset and unshelve changes in the Shelveset Details dialog box.

    Preserve shelveset on server
    Check this checkbox if you want to preserve the shelveset on server after unshelving. If this option is left unchecked, the shelveset will be deleted from server after unshelving.
  4. click Unshelve.