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Label Files/Projects

Labels are always more identifiable and descriptive than version numbers. Labels enable you to retrieve any version of an item through the label name. Thus, you do not have to remember the version numbers.

You can associate a label with any version of a file or project. Typically, when the development has many milestones, labels are applied at the project-level to simplify the maintenance of project versions. In the case of a project-level label, all descendants of the project inherit the label, and it is very convenient to retrieve items associated with a specific milestone of your project.

After a label is applied, it becomes associated with the version it is applied to. If the label is applied at the project-level, it is also associated with the project structure at the label point. In Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted, you can change the name and associations of a project-level label through Label Promotion.

For information about how to label files or projects and how to promote a project-level label, please refer to: