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Merge Files


Merge - Merge is an operation that allows you to combine differences in two or more files into one file.

Baseline File - When you compare the differences in two or more files, you need a baseline to identify the differences. Baseline File is a file that plays such a role in a merge.

Result File - The result file of a successful merge.

Three-way Merge - In a three-way merge, it involves three files. The baseline file is the original version of file. The other two files are changed on the basis of the baseline file.

Conflicts - Line differences are regarded as conflicts.

Automatic Merge - A merge that involves no conflict.

Visual Merge - If there is any conflict in the files you attempt to merge, Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted does not resolve the conflicts automatically. Instead, it displays a graphical window in which you can resolve all the conflicts manually.  In a three-way merge, Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted always displays the Visual Merge window.

The merge feature is most useful in a collaborative development circumstance.

In Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted, a merge may occur in the following cases:

For information about how a merge occurs and how to resolve conflicts, please refer to: