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How to use the plug-in

1. Basic Functions

History Options

Allows you to specify the date range or user for filtering the file history.

History Of File


Displays the content of the file with the default editor.


Displays the details of the selected history item of the file, including the version number, date, user, label, etc.


Gets the file to your workspace.


You can compare the selected version of the file with the local copy in workspace, or to any other version of the file. To compare two different versions of a file, hold down the Ctrl key while selecting the two versions. Then click the Diff button.

For more details about the basic functions of Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted plug-in, please refer to the help file of Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted.

2. View Status Messages

Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted Message window displays the status message of Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted. To enable the window, select Window ->Show View -> Other -> Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted.


3. Customizing Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted plug-in

Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted options can be found under Window -> Preferences -> Team -> Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted Option.

4. Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted Plug-in menu and shortcuts

To enable Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted plug-in menu and shortcuts, select Window -> Customize Perspective.





5. Label Decorations

To enable status showing for each item in the project, select Window -> Preferences -> Workbench -> Label Decorations.