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Options (External Program Tab)

Options for external programs.

Tab Items

Application for viewing and editing files

Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted can be configured with the viewing/editing application of the user's choice. The View and Edit commands will automatically open files using the utility configured here. If this box is left blank, Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted will open files with their associated Windows application.

Arguments for three-way merge:

This option allows you to specify the arguments to supply to the merge tool for three-way merge when the merge tool is invoked. The following macros are available (the macros are case-sensitive):

For example, to invoke MergeHero.jar to merge three files, the entry for this field is as follows:

java -jar "%DIFFMERGE_TOOL" -merge "%BASE_FILE" "%THEIRS_FILE%" "%YOURS_FILE%" "%RESULT_FILE%" -LeftLabel "%FIRST LABEL%" -Right Label "%RIGHT_LABEL%"

Note: You can adjust the order of "%THEIRS_FILE%" and "%YOURS_FILE%", so as to determine the merging order by yourself. The default order is as above.

Restore Defaults

Changes the above options to the default values.


Applies your settings on this tab.