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Options (Files Tab)

Options for local file copies.

Tab Items

Always keep files checked out

When a file is checked in, it cannot be modified. Thus, selecting the Always keep files checked out option enables files to be kept in a checked out state upon Check In, so that they may still be modified after the Check In operation.

Use read-only flag for files that are not checked out

Sets the read-only flag on the unchecked out files in your working folder. Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted sets the read-only flag when you perform a Get Latest Version, Add, Check In, or Undo Check Out command on a file, and uses it as a signal that you have not been modifying the file.

Display warning for Undo check out of a modified file

Displays the Undo Checkout Modified File dialog box prompting whether you want to undo checkout and lose the changed data in the file.

Replace writable files

Specifies how to handle the writable local file if it is different from the file in the server. The following four ways will be behaved:

Set date/time on local files

Specifies how Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted sets the date/time for files in your working folder. The option you choose is the time you will see when you view files in the Windows Explorer.

End-of-line terminator

The end-of-line terminator for mergeable files may be specified using this option.

The EOL Terminator may need to be changed if the operating system where the working folders reside differs from the operating system Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted Client is currently running on. For example, if Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted Client is running on a Windows operating system but needs to retrieve files to a working folder that is on a Mac OS, you can change the EOL Terminator to Mac(CR) so that files retrieved to the working folder will be displayed correctly.

The options for end-of-line terminator are as follows:

Restore Defaults

Changes the above options to the default values.


Applies your settings on this tab.