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Password Policy

Password Policy enables you to improve the security of your passwords by enforcing strong password security policies.

To enable Password Policy, check the "Enable Password Policy" checkbox in the following dialog box of Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted Server Manager:

Figure - Password policy

Best practice of making your passwords stronger

Careful settings of the Password Policy in Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted can make your passwords much securer. We have the following recommendations on how to set the password policies:

  1. Minimum password length >= 8. The longer the minimum password is, the securer.
  2. Password history >= 1. Enforcing password history on users blocks them from using the same password when their password expires. This policy enables administrators to enhance security by ensuring that old passwords are not reused continually.
  3. Better check Passwords must meet complexity requirements because this setting with Minimum password length can make the password very difficult for an attacker to guess. For more info about password complexity requirements, please refer to What's the password complexity requirement.
  4. Maximum password age <= 15. Enforcing a maximum password age on users makes them often change their password. This setting with Password history can better protect their password.
  5. Lock out after <= 10 unsuccessful login attempts. This Lock out after checkbox helps you prevent attackers from guessing users' passwords, and it decreases the likelihood of successful attacks on your network.