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Add Project to Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted (IDE Client)

Adds the current project in your development environment to the source code control repository.

Dialog Box Items

Project Name

Specifies the name of Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted project that files will be added to.


Displays Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted project tree. Select a project that your project will be added to.


Adds the selected project to the source code control repository.


Cancels the operation and closes the dialog box.


Creates a new project in Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted repository.

Refresh Project Tree

Refreshes the project tree.

NOTE: The Add Project to Source Code Control command takes the selected files in the development environment project window and creates a new source code control project containing those files.  This command is available only when you select a project not already under source code control. Each selected file is automatically added at this time.