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Cache Server Installation (Optional)

Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted Cache Server is used to cache copies of requested server files, providing faster access to files on the database. It is installed on the same LAN as the clients; or is installed on a machine on the WAN that connects to the clients with minimal WAN traffic using any standard TCP/IP connection.

The cache server is installed as a system service; hence it can be installed on any Windows platforms which support service. It runs in the background with no user interface of any kind.

The following topics are included in this page:

Cache Server Configuration Requirement

Running the Setup

Running the setup is pretty straightforward. Simply run the installation executable and the setup wizard will guide you through all the steps.

Starting and Configuring the Cache Server

There are two ways to start the cache server: one is through Cache Server Manager that is included in the cache server installation. The other is through control panel: Select Administrative Tools, then Services. Right-click Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted Cache Server and select Start.

For information on how to configure the cache server, please refer to the Configuring Cache Server page.