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Client Installation

The following topics are included in this page:

Windows GUI Client Installation

Before the installation, please make sure the client machine meets the following basic configuration requirements.

Also, Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted uses temporary file to carry out operations, so more free disk space may be required when large file is used.

Running the setup is pretty straightforward. Simply run the installation executable and the setup wizard will guide you through all the steps.

Java GUI Client Installation

For information on how to install and run Java GUI Client, please refer to How to run Java Client page.

MSSCCI-compatible IDE Integration Installation

The MSSCCI-compatible IDE integration may be enabled during the Client installation process. To enable Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted integration into development environments, click the Yes button in response to the following question:

If Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted is not to be the default Source Code Control provider, click No.

The MSSCCI IDE Integration is suitable for use in development environments that is compatible with Microsoft Source Code Control Interface (MSSCCI), such as Visual Studio, Visual Studio.NET, Rational Rapid Developer, Delphi, etc.

Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted provides a way for you to toggle among multiple Source Code Control providers when using IDE integration. This feature can be accessed from Tools -> Options -> General. Also, you can use Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted's SCC Provider Manager to do this. SCC Provider Manager can be found in Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted Client program group.

Eclipse Plug-in Installation

The installation procedure is as follows:

  1. Start Eclipse IDE. On the Help menu, click Software Updates and choose Find and Install.
  2. In the Feature Updates dialog box, choose "Search for new features to install" option.
  3. In the Update sites to visit dialog, click New Remote Site button. Input a name for this update site (e.g. Dynamsoft Eclipse Plugin) and the following URL:
  4. Check the "Dynamsoft Eclipse Plugin" box  in the Sites to include in search pane and click Finish.
  5. In the Search Results dialog, choose the features to install and click Next.
  6. Please read the license agreement of Dynamsoft SAW Hosted Feature carefully,  then select "I accept the terms in the license agreement." 
  7. In the Installation dialog, select the feature and choose a location to install it. Then Click Finish.
  8. Verify the feature information in the Feature Verification dialog and click Install.
  9. Restart the Eclipse IDE for the changes to take effect.

Macromedia Studio Plug-in Installation

The Macromedia Studio plug-in is installed with the Windows GUI Client. Running the installation executable of Windows GUI Client will install the Macromedia Studio plug-in automatically.