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Check Out (Source Menu)

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Retrieves one or more selected files from the current project and places a writable copy of the file into your current working folder. You should have a working folder set before using this command.

You must have Check In/Check Out access right to use this command.

The Check Out command enables users to edit specific files locally. This command locks files or projects within the repository. Once files are checked out, the user who has the files checked out is displayed in the User column of the File List Pane.

When you Check Out an item, Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted places a writable copy in your working folder. A file that is checked out cannot be checked out by anyone else unless the current Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere Hosted repository has been set to allow multiple checkouts.

Note: Only mergeable files can be checked out by multiple users.

How to check out file(s)

How to check out project