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Merge Branches (Source Menu)

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Merges all the changes made in one branch of a file into another branch. This command works for files only. You should have a working folder set before using this command.

You must have Check In/Check Out access right in the project being merged into, and the Read access right in the project being merged from, to use this command.

Merge branches command may be very useful in collaborative development. After a project or file is branched for independent development in two development paths, you can use this command to merge changes made in the other development path with your own.

Before you perform the Merge Branches command, make sure you select the file that you want to merge changes into. The file you are merging changes from will remain unchanged.

How to merge branches

  1. Select the file you want to merge branches into.

  2. Select Merge Branches command from Source menu.

  3. In Merge Branches dialog box, select the branch you want to merge changes from.

  4. Click Merge.